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Another exclusive premium brand domain name From Us To You™, is ideal for startups or domain name investors.

Key highlights for

  • Age: 25 years (12-9-1999)
  • TLD: .com
  • Length: 10 characters (less than 15 characters)
  • Brand potential: High potential, easy-to-remember
  • Key terms: contains high-volume, high-value key terms

Even more PRēM... was rigorously evaluated by our procurement team and exceeded the benchmarks for industry standards for "premium domain name" status. is an exclusive premium brand domain name. In other words, you won't find it available on any other platform or marketplace. Why? Because PRēM owns/operate all domains for sale on our website. This allows us to create a premium experience for our clients, to offer faster (ie. the fastest) transfers after purchase, to deliver ongoing support (as needed), custom design logo packs, in-house dev and design team... and, of course, more.

Complimentary logo assets professionally custom-designed and delivered as production-ready exports and source files (included)

PRēM has partnered up with Affirm, Klarna and Afterpay for installment plans and Buy Now, Pay Later with plans that are interest-free (for those who qualify; note, your credit score will not be affected by seeing what plans and rates you qualify for).

So glad you asked!

Here's the deal. We believe that buying a premium domain name should be a premium experience. This applies to everything from transparent pricing with flexible payment options that won't impact credit scores, to a thoughtfully designed interface with highly accessible content on any device to having real humans to be there when you need them.

From Us To You™ isn't just a schmaltzy slogan, it's how we do things in a one-liner. No 3rd-party listings, no pesky brokers who add 20% to the price to cover their commissions, no hassle-hoffs or tom foolery of any kind.

Our approach ensures we deliver a premium experience to each client on every transaction. That experience is comprised of knowledgeable human beings to answer questions or assist with issues (if any), transparent pricing without sneaking in some "platform fee" in the 3rd paragraph of the 4th section in the terms, ultra-fast domain ownership transfers, high-grade modern security features, flexible payment options and exclusive inventory of premium brand domains.

Welcome to the experience

Our vision is to make buying a premium brand domain name a premium experience, for each client on every transaction.

PRēM™ provides a uniquely premium experience with no 3rd-party sellers. Our premium domain names for sale are From Us To You™, allowing us to focus solely on you, our client, and your experience. This also gives our clients peace of mind knowing there's a "single-source of truth" and direct access to the point-of-contact if there are any questions at any point before/during/after the transaction.


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