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This is an exlusive listing for Prem.domains becuase we own/operate all domains slsif

Plans from Affirm, Klarna, AfterPay or others are subjective based on certain criteria. While many clients receive Buy Now, Pay Later offers at 0% interest over 6 - 18-month plans, we (nor Stripe) can guarantee your offer will be the same due to a variety of subjective factors. Email team@prem.domains if you're seeking an interest-free payment plan and don't receive one at checkout.

We own the domains listed for sale here on PREM.DOMAINS. After your payment processes successfully, our team inbox gets pinged. From there if you have an existing Namecheap, Godaddy or 101domain account, just provide your username and we'll push the domain right away (it should show up in your account in about 30-45 seconds). If a transfer is needed we will reimburse associated fees, you'll receive an autho code from us after completing payment. Questions? Let us know team@prem.domains

The fact that "other platforms" offer "buyer protection" as a benefit is fairly cringe😬. Here at PREM DOMAINS you know the seller, you can email us anytime and we'll be there to assist. In fact, just being on this site please know you're protected, we make your safety and security top priority because it's the right way to do business.

Our checkout is verified PCI compliant and secured by SSL/TSL military-grade encryption. Pay with (almost) any type of credit/debit card, bank transfers, ApplePay, GooglePay, CashApp Pay, digital wallets, Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay and others. Prefer Escrow.com? Email us and it'll be dictum factum

PREM.DOMAINS offers a uniquely premium experience for buying premium domain names as it's ironically lacking in the industry. That's the vision of this project: to bring transparency to an industry that's fairly opaque. To respect your money and time, rather than act like we're doing you a favor (if you've bought a premium domain before this probably sounds familiar).

  • We own the domains for sale in our inventory
  • We do not broker domains from 3rd parties
  • We do not sell domains with history of spam/bad practices or questionable content
  • We do not bake sales commissions into our pricing (usually you pay an extra 15-30% from this one factor)
  • We do not hide fees or otherwise, there's no fine print, if there's a term to disclose we make sure it's clear
  • We do not advise our clients to buy a domain name they may not need to test their proof of concept
  • We are willing to do what's best for YOUR success because we've been there

Those 7 core methods of conduct and operation is what sets us apart from any/all premium domain platforms.

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